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“What an informative and enjoyable book! Great teacher resource and bedtime read! Love the illustrations, too!” – Monica Whatley, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

“As Jake and Alice take us on A Wild Ride on the Water Cycle, we learn in a fun and creative way about the stages that water drops go through, and  transform powered by the energy of the sun.  A must read for children wanting to learn about water, and how it sustains all living things.” – Johana Suarez, Los Angeles, CA

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Comments About The Book

“A Wild Ride on the Water Cycle is a staple for every classroom library. My students loved the colorful illustrations along with the fun and relatable characters. A simple yet informative presentation of the water cycle – a must for all teachers!” – Leah Lardeo, Teacher

“Anthony, my kiddo loves your book before bedtime! In the plot and thru the beautiful illustrations, you stuck a nice balance between fun story line and great educational opportunity. It’s one of those rare children’s book that appeals to children very young, and skewing past elementary school — plus their parents!” – Brooks Garner, KHOU Meteorologist Houston, TX

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