The Characters

When Anthony originally wrote this book the two characters names were Amber and Abby. Amber is Anthony firstborn daughter.  Abby, his second child, was just a baby when the original manuscript was written.

Amber & Abby: 2010

Looking for feedback, Anthony shared the book with Lance Wood, the meteorologist in charge of the Houston National Weather Service, who read it to his kids. They liked the story but said one of the characters should be a boy.

Anthony gave the book to a few friends and they said the same thing: There should be a boy water drop. Anthony didn’t want to have to drop one of girls from the book, so he resisted making the change until Lucy Chambers, the managing partner and publisher at Bright Sky Press, said in order for the book to relate to boys as well and girls one of the characters has to be a boy.

This dilemma was solved upon the arrival of Anthony’s first son, Jacob.

Jacob in December 2015

As a way to still honor his family, he named the girl in book Alice. Alice is Anthony’s grandmother, whom he was very close with as a child. The name Alice represents his grandmother as well Amber and Abby.

Anthony’s grandmother Alice with Amber in 1993.